Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Summery Cake with Berries and Creamy Lemon and Yoghurt Icing

Whoop, whoop! I made some wedding cakes the other day. They wanted them white, light and with lots of fresh berries. So here we go.

You need to have:

For the dough:
300g flour
50g starch
200g sugar
2tbsp soy flour
1pkt baking powder
1pkt vanilla sugar
1cup frozen mixed berries
300ml soy yoghurt
150ml soy milk
50ml oil
(I used this recipe twice to get a nice tall cake. That is a lot of cake, though, so you can just as well use one recipe and cut the cake in two "plates")

For the icing:
400-500g vegan whippable cream, best if it's unsweetened (place it in the fridge over night, so it whips better!)
juice and zest of 1 lemon
around 100g icing sugar and some agave sirup (depending on how sweet you want the icing to be)
4tbsp soy yoghurt
lots of that powder that makes cream stay whipped for a long time. I don't know what it's called in english, please forgive me. You can very well use 3tbsp of it so the cream stays firm and doesn't smudge all over the place when you cut the cake.
(If you're making two whole cakes, use these amounts times 1 and 1/2)

lots of fresh and delicious berries to decorate

You need to do:

Preheat oven to 180°C and grease a cake pan. Mix all ingredients (apart from frozen berries) for the dough. Stir in the berries with a wooden spoon or similar, so you don't destroy them. Bake for roughly 45 minutes (it might take longer because of the fluid coming from the frozen berries).

Whip cream with "whipping powder" until nice and firm. Add lemon juice and zest, yoghurt and sugar/ agave sirup to taste. If the cream isn't as firm as it was before, you can add more powder and whip it again until it's firm enough. Place in the fridge until it's being used (it will harden out a little more here).

Let the cake cool down COMPLETELY (otherwise it will break when you cut it). Cut it into two plates of cake (unless you made two cakes already) and even out the surfaces, especially the top one as it will probably have risen into some sort of cake-hill. Place the bottom layer on the serving dish. You won't be able to move the whole thing later, it will be too heavy. Cover the top of the bottom layer with a litte bit of cream and lots of berries. The berries should be the same size, so you have something similar to an even surface to work with. Fill the gaps with more icing and place second layer of cake on top. Cover everything with icing. Decorate with berries and ENJOY!

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