Friday, 1 March 2013

Banana Chocolate Crêpes

So, after having leftover batter from my Stuffed Crêpes with White Wine and "Cream" Sauce, I decided to treat myself to some dessert. 

You need to have:

leftover crêpe batter (see recipe linked above)
1/2 block dark chocolate
1 tsp cooking oil
1 packet vanilla sugar
1-2 bananas

You need to do:

Put 1/2 the chocolate and the oil into a saucepan and let melt on low heat. If you don't want to use oil, you can put the chocolate in a metal cup or similar inside a saucepan filled with water, which will keep the chocolate from burning instead of melting. You need to keep the water from boiling however, and make sure that no water comes into the chocolate. I do not own such a metal cup, however, so I just melted my chocolate with A LITTLE oil.

While the chocolate is melting, simply add the vanilla sugar to the batter and mix. Now bake a crêpe from one side until firm but not browned yet.

Flip over and place a few slices of banana and a few pieces of chocolate on top.

Now, do the burrito thing again (fold both sides towards the middle) and fry on low heat from both sides until the crêpe is nice and golden and the chocolate melted.

Serve with the melted chocolate sprinkled on top.

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